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Wear & Care


HELMET BAND-ITS are Versatile and Easy to Wear:

On Your Helmet :

  • Adhere the 1”x1” Velcro strip provided by peeling off protective backing and firmly applying to center front edge of helmet.
  • Adhere provided thin Velcro strips by peeling off protective backing and firmly applying to back edge of helmet, to each side of, and below goggle strap OR directly under goggle strap.
  • To attach band, place center of lining to front Velcro, wrap sides around and close at back. Lining will attach to hook Velcro on helmet.

         Note: Adhesive from provided Velcro will NOT damage helmet finish.

To Remove from your Helmet:

Simply unfasten the back Velcro loops and detach from Velcro strip at front center of helmet.

As a Shawl Collar:

  • Wrap Helmet Band-Its around shoulders with Velcro straps in front.
  • Fasten Velcro straps by overlapping the Velcro hook on the fur end over stretch Velcro flap on the other end.
  • Arrange shawl with fastened straps at the front center of your chest.

As a Headband:

  • Find eyelet hook located approx 6 inches into fur from the flap end.
  • Attach small stretch loop located  at other end of band to eyelet hook.
  • Place over head and adjust accordingly.


  • Helmet Band-Its are easy to care for and will rarely need much more than a gentle fluff. 
  • If your band gets very wet, let it dry completely, then fluff, or gently go over with preferably with a pet wire brush (or even a regular wire brush or comb.) 
  • If you feel your Band-It needs a more thorough cleaning, we recommend dry cleaning.